Song Joong Ki Jokingly Chooses Jo In Sung Over Lee Kwang Soo

On KBS’ “Celebrity News” that aired on February 9, actor Song Joong Ki was interviewed at his pictorial photo shoot.

During the interview, the reporter told Song Joong Ki, “Lee Kwang Soo said that if both Jo In Sung and you called for him at the same time, he would go to Jo In Sung.”

To this, Song Joong Ki answered jokingly, “Then in the same situation, I will go to Jo In Sung too. I will meet Lee Kwang Soo there.”

Song Joong Ki then stated how he felt bad about teasing Lee Kwang Soo for not receiving any award at the end of last year. He said, “If you were hurt by my words, I apologize.”

Netizens that saw this interview commented, “Lee Kwang Soo might feel abandoned if he hears that Song Joong Ki chose Jo In Sung over him,” “I think this only showed how close Song Joong Ki and Lee Kwang Soo are.”