Go Joon Hee Says to Jin Woon: “Women Like Men with Good Thighs”

On MBC’s “We Got Married” that aired on February 9, actress Go Joon Hee and 2AM’s Jin Woon met for the first time.

During their conversation, Go Jun Hee and Jin Woon discussed their complexes. Go Jun Hee revealed, “My complexes are that I am too tall and have big feet.” She continued, “I hate it when people ask me the size of my feet.”

When it was his turn, Jin Woon admitted, “I also don’t like it when people ask about my pants’ size. I have really big thighs and so my pants’ size is unusual.”

To this, Go Jun Hee replied, “No, men needs good thighs. You must be too young to realize, but any women in their mid-20’s or older like men with thick thighs.”