After Winning a Gold Medal, Girl’s Day Minah Pleads, “Can’t You Get Rid of the No Dating Rule?”

Girl’s Day‘s Minah recently spoke out about her true feelings regarding the no-dating rule. 

On February 11, Girl’s Day Minah beat SISTAR‘s Bora in the women’s high jump for the gold medal in MBC’s “2013 Idol Star Athletics Championships.”

When asked to give a small speech about her win, Minah plead to her agency’s CEO, “Haeri is also over the age of twenty. How can she also be prohibited from dating?” causing everyone to laugh aloud. 

Netizens who saw the show remarked, “I wonder if she has her eye on someone?”, “Wow, she’s really honest” and “Once celebrities obtain something like a gold medal, don’t they let them date anyway?”

Moreover, this gold medal was an especially sweet victory for Minah who lost the gold to Bora last year.