15 Lovey Dovey K-Pop Songs for Valentine’s Day!

In order to commemorate Valentine’s Day, Soompi.com presents “15 Lovey Dovey K-Pop Songs for Valentine’s Day!” These songs were chosen based on their lyrics. The songs had to be about being in a relationship or being part of a romantic couple. (This was the basis for not choosing certain songs) The songs also had to be either happy or talking about the protagonist’s devotion or feelings towards their significant other. If you feel like this list is lacking any songs go ahead and comment below! 

1. Sechs Kies – Couple

This song talks about how great it feels to be in a relationship!

2. Leessang – Turned Off the TV

This song is a bit racy but, it’s talking about how the guy turned off the TV because he loves his woman. (And he wants to start to get down to business) 

3. Jung Yup – You Are My Lady

Another beautiful song expressing a man’s love for his woman! 

4. Jo Kyu Man – I Will Give You All

This is a sweet song where the protagonist is talking about devotion towards his/her lover. 

5. Jay Park’s “Turn Off Your Phone”

A sexy song that doesn’t really need to be explained! Turn Off Your Phone so we can boogie~

6. GD & TOP’s “Baby Good Night”

A sweet and loving song by G-Dragon & T.O.P

7. Kim Jong Kook – Lovely

This is a cute song where Kim Jong Kook sings about how he is proud about his lover, and how he loves every single part of her. 

8. 2NE1 – I love You

This awesome song from 2NE1 talks about loving you in a direct way! 

9. miss A – Touch

“Touch” is interesting. It expresses the emotions of a woman who is now falling in love and had closed up her heart before this new lover. 

10. Taeyang – Only Look at Me

A cute and selfish song where Taeyang wants you to love him, not forget him, and not cheat on him. (But he will probably cheat and forget about you occasionally!) 

11. Jo Kyu Chan and Brian Mcknight – Thank You (For Saving My Life)

This is a sweet song where the protagonist talks about a love that has saved him/her! 

12. Cool – All for you

This is a classic couple song by Cool. 

13. BEAST’s Yang Yoseob and A Pink’s Eunji – Love Day

A beautiful love song sang by beautiful idols! 

14. Ga In, Jo Kwon – We Fell in Love

Remember this one? By the ADAM couple from “We Got Married.” 

15. Clazziquai Project – She Is

This is another classic love song, which became famous as the OST for the drama “My Name Is Kim Sam Soon

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