2NE1’s Sandara Park’s Pictures from Three Years Ago Resurface

2NE1‘s Sandara Park‘s old photos have recently become a topic of interest once more.

On online communities, the photos have been brought up in the analysis of Sandara Park’s appearance back when she was 27 and at her current age of 30. (Note: These values are based on Sandara Park’s Korean age, she is currently 28 years old.) 

In the photos, Sandara Park’s image is as bright, youthful and cheerful as it was three years ago. The older photos are juxtaposed next to photos of the singer flying on an airplane on February 9 in the compiled image featured below. 

Netizens admired how the singer did not show any signs of aging since then and still boasts a beautiful complexion and adorable face to match. Comments on the photos included the following, “Sandara Park hasn’t aged a single day,” “I can’t believe that she’s already turned 30 years old,” and “I wonder if anything has changed in her physical appearance at all since she was a young girl?”