Kim Bum’s First Kiss Was at 19 Years Old in Front of His Girlfriend’s House

Handsome actor Kim Bum revealed that he had his first kiss at the age of 19!

On January 14, Kim Bum attended an event for his upcoming film, “Psychometry” along with actor Kim Kang Woo. During the show, magician Lee Joon Hyung held a little performance, in which both actors participated.

During the show, Kim Bum was asked about his first love as well as his first kiss. He answered, “I had my first kiss when I was 19, in front of my girlfriend’s house.” This caused the fans in the audience to scream with delight.

About 1,000 fans gathered to see the show. Kim Bum and Kim Kang Woo pierced through the first floor of the crowd and came in physical contact with their fans.

Kim Kang Woo expressed his gratitude by saying, “I didn’t know this many of you would show up. I thought this event would be successful if only half of this crowd was here.”

“Psychometry” is about a detective (Kim Kang Woo) searching for a serial kidnapper and the only witness to the case (Kim Bum), who has a special power called psychometry, which allows one to see the past.

This film will hit theaters on March 7.