SHINee Releases Teaser Clip For Japanese Single “Fire”
SHINee recently released the teaser clip to their upcoming Japanese single “Fire” which is scheduled to be released on March 13. The teaser clip features attendees placing candles around a raised platform upon which SHINee members can be seen performing on. The exact significance of these motifs is yet unclear, or maybe it’s simply for dramatic effect for it does add to the quintet’s stage presence in the teaser clip. 
It appears that, unlike SHINee’s title track dance numbers that feature complex choreography and contemporary play of rhythms- this track is bound to captivate the ears of listeners with SHINee’s crooning abilities. Were any of you Soompiers reminded of DBSK while watching this teaser clip? Maybe SHINee’s claim to fame in Japan will be also be following the footsteps of DBSK in showcasing their ability to hit those soaring notes that will subsequently cause our hearts to melt. Take a look for yourself!