Hyun Bin Goes Extreme with K2

Hyun Bin has returned to his eager fans as an outdoor brand model for K2! Through some behind the scenes photoshoot pictures, Hyun Bin showed off stronger charms than he had before enlisting into his mandatory military service. Before enlisting Hyun Bin had modeled for K2.

The idea behind this particular photoshoot is quite interesting. There are five keywords behind this advertisement: Passion, Challenge, Romance, Leisure, and Protagonist. These five keywords are expressed in the photoshoot through these elements: Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, and Light.

Hyun Bin was put through mud, water, strong winds, and rain for the photoshoot. The goal of the advertisement was to show Hyun Bin in all of these extreme climates. During the photoshoot Hyun Bin even hurt is hand. However, after his injuries were taken care of Hyun Bin began shooting for the advertisements again. He really showed off his manly charms and professionalism.

K2’s new photoshoot featuring Hyun Bin will be on the “K2 Homepage” beginning from the end of February. (www.k2outdoor.co.kr)