Secret’s Hyosung Talks About Her Stalker Experience

During the most recent filming of JTBC “We Are Detectives,” MC Lee Hwee Jae asked Secret‘s Jeon Hyosung if she has any experience of being stalked. Jeon Hyosung responded, “Yes. I’ve had a fan who would come visit my agency everyday and threaten me.” 

She explained, “This person kept coming into our agency building and insisted on meeting me for no reason. He repeated this for months.” Other cast members of the show seemed shocked and spooked out by Jeon Hyosung’s story about her stalker. 

Also during the filming, Jeon Hyosung talked about being the first female idol lingerie model. She said, “Since I’m in a girl group, I was worried about looking too sexy. But I’m so glad the photos came out lovely.” Some male cast members including Joo Young Hoon and Kim Chang Ryul thanked Jeon Hyosung, “We enjoyed your photos,” and made everyone burst out into laughter. 

More detailed story about Jeon Hyosung’s stalker will be revealed on JTBC “We Are Detectives” on February 21 at 9:55pm KST.