“Running Man” Duo Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Jong Gook Show Manly Charisma for “Cosmo Men”

Running Man‘s” giraffe/tiger duo Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Jong Gook has displayed their brotherly friendship through a recent photo shoot for the March edition of “Cosmo Men.”

During the interview, the two stars shared, “We meet up a lot personally when we’re not shooting for the program.”

Lee Kwang Soo revealed, “During the three years that I’ve known him, I have never bought a meal when we met up. That is how much Kim Jong Gook takes care of me,” and “I trust him so much that whatever he says seems like the absolute answer.”

Kim Jong Gook also commented, “Out of all the celebrities I have known until now, Lee Kwang Soo is the nicest and most honest guy.” He also said, “I can even lend him several hundred thousand dollars if he has a good reason.”

The photo shoot displayed both “Running Man” stars’ charisma that differs from their comical sides in the show. Lee Kwang Soo gave difficult poses that showed his years of experience as a model. Kim Jong Gook also exhibited a manly charisma with his hair slicked back to show his structured face.

The full interview and photo shoot for Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Jong Gook can be found in the March issue of “Cosmo Men.”