10 K-Pop Idols Who Are Considered the Center of Their Group

Almost all idol groups have a “center.” The “center” is a position – and often times, a title – reserved for the member that would literally be in the middle of the group during promotional activities, photo/video shoots, and more. Because of their popularity and/or looks, a particular member is always placed in the center, getting the most spotlight. As such, he/she is the member that first comes into mind that comes into mind when the group is mentioned.

Scroll through the gallery to see which idol members are the “center” of your favorite groups!

Girls’ Generation: YoonA

APink: Son Na Eun

Super Junior: Choi Si Won

KARA: Gyuri

SHINee: Jong Hyun

Big Bang: Taeyang

f(x): Krystal

Infinite: L

SISTAR: Hyorin

BEAST: Yang Yoseob & Lee Ki Kwang

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