Kim Bum: “Since My Debut 5 Years Ago, I’ve Never Rested More Than 1 Week at Once”

Kim Bum participated in a fashion shoot with magazine “Elle,” which will be included in the March edition.

On February 26, several teaser pictures were released ahead of time to the joy of many fans. Captured in various angles, Kim Bum gives off different moods sporting different styles of clothing. He confidently stares at his target and he gives off an edgy feel with his various tattoos and accessories.

He also participated in an interview with the magazine after the photoshoot. “I made my debut at age 17 through ‘Outrageous Women’ and also participated in various projects like sitcoms, dramas, and movies,” said Kim Bum. “In the past 5-6 years, I have not rested more than a week at a time. I thought that I was too focused on running forward so I rested for a year and a half. Being able to rest and reflect on the past became a turning point.”

The reporter asked about his real personality. Kim Bum shared, “I tend to not be afraid of changes. There are a lot of fans who are waiting for me to act in melodramatic projects, but I think I still lack in acting that area.”

He continued, “Rather, I’m planning to be more energetic and fun through my character’s relationship with Jung Eun Ji in the current drama I’m in called ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows.’”