2NE1’s Minzy Looks Like an Alien!

Recently a picture was posted of 2NE1’s Gong Minzy here she really looks out of this world. At night on February 26 (KST), YG Entertainment’s official me2day made a post with the following caption: “Due to the explosive amount of comments, here is #7 of 2NE1’s free photoshoot. This time we are revealing one more behind-the-scenes cut of Minzy. Wow, even though this picture was used with a cellphone it looks like a fashion photoshoot picture! She is also striking a pose that would make any professional model cry! Minzy the youngest one, who has so much charm!”

In the picture that was uploaded, Minzy is shown in a golden dress with sunglasses. She is also rocking purple hair. The ensemble makes her look very otherworldly or alien-like! What do you think of fashionista Minzy? Like or Hate? Let us know below!