Son Dambi Exudes Femme Fatale Charms For “Marie Claire”

Singer Son Dambi recently wrapped up a successful photo shoot that featured enchanting dresses that flattered her figure.

In the photo shoot, Son Dambi revealed her fit and shapely figure in a blue, cross-strap back evening dress. Facing the vanity, her back is almost entirely exposed, except for two thin straps that cross in the middle – which gave off a sexy feel to the dress. 

In the next photo, Son Dambi makes a glamorous pose in a form-flattering, red gown against the backdrop of the evening sky in Bali. Her gaze is bewitching and her pose elegant as she leans against the railing, accentuating her hourglass figure. 

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “Her figure is incredible and I’m captivated by those eyes!”, “I love the atmosphere in the photos” and “I wish I had a figure like that.”

In related news, Son Dambi is currently serving as MC of MBC’s “Beautiful Days” and has her schedule currently filled with the activities related to her new capacity.