Jeon Ji Hyun and Go Joon Hee Appeared Together in CF 6 Years Ago

Recently on an online community bulletin board, captured images of actresses Jeon Ji Hyun and Go Joon Hee were uploaded.

The screencapped pictures of the beautiful actresses are from their shampoo CF six years ago. At the time, Jeon Ji Hyun was already considered a top star, while Go Joon Hee was not as well-known. In the commercial, Jeon Ji Hyun promoted the shampoo with her beautifully shiny hair while Go Joon Hee appeared as a jealous bystander.

What caught the fans’ attention was the fact that the both actresses haven’t aged at all. Even though the commercial was filmed six years ago, Jeon Ji Hyun and Go Joon Hee at present day look much the same as they were many years ago.

Fans that saw these images commented, “Jeon Ji Hyun has always been a goddess,” “I think Go Joon Hee looks better with shorter hair,” “So Go Joon Hee wasn’t famous six years ago?” “They are both ageless.”