Kwang Hee Says Song Hye Gyo Is Better Than Kim Hee Sun?

ZE:A‘s Kwang Hee recently shared a funny story about how he chose Song Hye Gyo over Kim Hee Sun out of jealousy toward his fellow member, Lim Siwan.

On the episode of “Hwashin,” that aired on March 5, Kwang Hee confessed, “I really liked Kim Hee Sun but one day, I saw that she had recorded a video message for Lim Siwan.”

Kwang Hee continued, “Siwan doesn’t even know Kim Hee Sun that well so I was so mad. Eventually, Siwan saw that video message and out of gratitude, he mentioned her on his Twitter account. So I got even more angry and blurted, ‘Well Song Hye Gyo is better than Kim Hee Sun these days anyway,'” which shocked Kim Hee Sun.

Kwang Hee added, “Kim Hee Sun sunbaenim is my ideal woman. She knows exactly what she wants and I like that about her,” as he admitted that he was a die-hard fan of hers since high school.

Kim Hee Sun must have felt bad for Kwang Hee since she wrapped up the story by saying, “I heard Kwang Hee got a lot of things fixed on his face but he actually looks really natural and very handsome. And out of all the idols out there right now, I think he has the best personality.”