Celebrities Look Different Without Double Eyelids?

Looks like netizens are again fascinated by the thought of beautiful celebrities not having double eyelids.

Recently, an online community bulletin posted a collage of various celebrities titled “The Power of Double Eyelids.”

The special netizen with much time on his or her hands collected pictures of Korea’s representative beauties and photoshopped out their double eyelids. Korean media has commented that besides Won Bin, everyone else looks vastly different from their pre-photoshop faces.

Interestingly, the netizen decided to photoshop in double eyelids for Brown Eyed GirlsGa In who is well-known for her love of eyeliner due to her lack of double eyelids.

The results? We leave that up to you, Soompiers. What do you think? Do they look better with or without double eyelids? And what about Ga In?