Who Wore It Better: Jeon Ji Hyun vs. Han Chae Young

Recently on the March issue of fashion magazine “InStyle,” actresses Jeon Ji Hyun and Han Chae Young were featured. Although they appeared wearing the same dress, each woman was able to show off very different looks.

The dress they wore was the new spring outfit by Marc Jacobs. This light chocolate-brown mini-dress, made of silk, has a simple design with a touch of ruffle details on the edge of the skirt.

In the first picture, Jeon Ji Hyun creates a youthful and lovely look. She has a pink blush on her cheeks and gazes at the camera with a shy expression on her face.

Han Chae Young, on the other hand, looks elegant and sexy in the same dress. Because she is sitting down, she shows off more of her legs. Though the dress is not overly tight, Han Chae Young’s glamorous body is still noticeable. Compared to Jeon Ji Hyun, Han Chae Young shows off more confident and sensual facial expression and pose.

So Soompiers, who do you think wore the dress better?