Kim Bum Promises to Kiss Jung Eun Ji for Real If They Achieve Drama Ratings Over 20%

On SBS’s “One Night of TV Entertainment” that aired on March 6, Kim Bum discussed the kiss scene with Jung Eun Ji on “That Winter, The Wind Blows.”

Kim Bum stated, “I was kissed, and then slapped. And I never imagined that the kiss scene would take place at a garbage dump.”

When he was asked if he would do something for the fans if the drama reaches 20% ratings, Kim Bum answered, “Jung Eun Ji and I will kiss.”

The reporter then asked Kim Bum, “Shouldn’t you ask Jung Eun Ji first and get her permission?”

Kim Bum replied, “When it comes to things like this, a man needs to lead the way.” Jung Eun Ji, who was sitting next to him, then said half-jokingly, “He was so manly during the kiss scene. My heart was pounding.”

At the end of the interview, Kim Bum also promised, “I will become an actor who is not afraid of trying new characters.”