Kim Bum Says It Takes Three Days for His Six Pack To Go Away

Actor Kim Bum recently showed his adorable and aegyo-filled personality in his latest appearance on SBS’sOne Night of TV Entertainment” on March 6.

On the show, Kim Bum was given a series a statements and  asked to hold up an “O” if he considered it to be true to him and an “X” if false. The first statement read, “I feel like I’ve finally outgrown my boyish image” to which he confirmed with “O.” He explained, “Last year, I lost a lot of fat. At one time ,I lost nearly 10 kg of weight. I feel like, after that, the appearance of my face changed quite a bit.”

Regarding the compliments he received about his fit body, Kim Bum replied, “All my efforts were futile however, since I lost my six pack in three days after I stopped exercising” causing everyone to laugh. 

The next statement Kim Bum was given read, “Even when I look at myself, I think I’m rather good-looking” to which he also confirmed with a “O.” He said confidently, “I remember to thank my mom as I go on living my life.” When asked what feature he liked best about himself he stated, “I was told my eyes take after my mother’s.”

When asked about his ideal type, Kim Bum answered, “I like cute girls who express a lot of aegyo. I think it’s also important for her to understand me.”

In related news, Kim Bum made the surprising announcement that if “That Winter, The Wind Blows” receives a viewership rating of over 20% – he will give Jung Eun Ji a kiss. 

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