Jung Eun Ji Says Kim Bum Seems Manlier to Her than Jo In Sung

That Winter, The Wind Blows” actress Jung Eun Ji recently revealed that Kim Bum was closer to her ideal type than Jo In Sung

On March 6, Jung Eun Ji made a guest appearance on SBS‘ “One Night of TV Entertainment” and was asked to pick her ideal type between fellow co-stars Jo In Sung and Kim Bum. She responded, “Then Kim Bum would be my ideal type.” She described his charisma saying, “He has a soft face and he has a masculine personality. I always tend to go for guys who have a more masculine side to them.” Kim Bum can be seen pumping his fist in victory in the stills revealed from their guest appearances. 

When prompted to discuss their thoughts on their latest kiss scene on “That Winter, The Wind Blows,” Kim Bum replied, “I was kissed and then I was slapped.” He went on to say, “I never imagined that we would have our kiss scene filmed next to a trash heap. I thought I had to try my best because we were shooting a sweet kiss scene for a romance drama.” 

Kim Bum also made an unexpected promise to kiss Jung Eun Ji if “That Winter, The Wind Blows” received a viewership rating of over 20%.