Sean Shows His Undying Love for Wife

YG Entertainment’s Sean shows that he’s still completely head over heels and his love for his wife is just growing even more as each day passes.

On March 7, he posted a picture of his celebrity wife Jung Hye Young and shared a loving message. It reads, “People sometimes call me a charity angel. That’s not true. I’m just a person who met an angel like Hye Young. Hye Young sent me this picture while she was at her filming ^^.”

Inside the picture, Jung Hye Young smiles elegantly in simple red and white striped long sleeves. Her minimal makeup enhances her natural beauty and her medium length hair is styled in beautiful soft waves.

Meanwhile, Sean along with 2NE1 and Se7en will participate in a charity event on March 7 bringing more awareness to the culture of charity and giving back to society.