2AM’s Jinwoon Confessed, “After 3 Weeks In The Jungle, I started Checking Out Female Natives”

2AM‘s youngest member Jinwoon recently talked about the struggles he went through while filming for SBS‘s variety program “Laws of the Jungle 2: Madagascar edition.

On March 8, MBC‘s “Section TV Celebrity Entertainment” crew went to find 2AM at the set of their music video filming site to interview them on their latest activities. At some point during the interview the reporter turned to Jinwoon and asked, “Didn’t you recently travel to the jungle and back? How was that?”

Surprisingly Changmin answered for Jinwoon and shared, “After Jinwoon came back from the jungle he told us, ‘After three weeks of living in the jungle, I started checking out the female natives, searching for a pretty face. It’s the truth. You hyungs should have been there'” which caused everyone erupt in laughter.