2AM’s Changmin Lost 7kg in 12 Days

On the recent episode of SBS’s “Challenge 1000 Songs,” which aired on March 10, 2AM’s Changmin teamed up with MBLAQ’s Seungho to compete. On this show, Changmin also revealed his past diet success.

During this episode, MC Lee Hwi Jae asked Changmin, “I heard that you lost 7kg in only 12 day. Is this true? Did you regain your abs?”

Changmin, who had a successful diet, proudly answered, “My abs are somewhat finished.”

To this, Lee Hwi Jae requested, “Then could you please show us your washboard abs right now?” To everyone’s surprise and delight, Changmin lifted his shirt, showing off his six-pack abs.

In related news, 2AM has recently released their new album “One Spring Day,” which was created in collaboration with the renowned pianist Yiruma.