New Albums And Singles Preview – 2013 March Week 2 4th mini-album – Beautiful Kisses (March 14)

01 Oops! (feat. Jung Il Hun of Btob)
02 Same Thoughts (feat. Heo Gak)
03 Oh, Good!
04 First Kiss
05 Hate Dislike
06 Oops! (INST)

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G.NA, who has released hits after hits such as “Black & White” and “2HOT,” has returned with her fourth mini-album, “Beautiful Kisses.” Through this album, listeners will be able to see the singer’s lovable and cute side. The title track is “Oops,” a charming song with piano melody. It is a love song about wanting a boyfriend who loves a girl for who she is. Btob’s very own Jung Il Hun is featured in this track.

Lee Hi – First Love, Part 1 (released)

01 Turn in Up (Intro)
02 Special (feat. Jennie Kim of YG New Artist)
03 It’s Over
04 Crush
05 Dream

Lee Hi, who has done exceptionally well with her debut track, “1,2,3,4,” returns with part one of her first album. It is known that YG’s top producers took part in this greatly anticipated album. The title track this time around is “It’s Over” while the second title track, “Rose” will be released on March 21st.

Girls’ Day Vol. 1 – Expectation (March 14)

01 Girl’s Day World (Intro)
02 Anticipate
03 I Don’t Mind
04 Easy Go.
05 Don’t Trust Her
06 White Day
07 Like a Lot
08 Twinkle Twinkle
09 Hug Me Just Once
10 Oh! My God!
11 Don’t Forget Me
12 Don’t Flirt (Remix Club Ver.)
13 Anticipate (Mr)
14 White Day (Mr)

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Girl’s Day releases their very first album, “Expectation” two years and eight months since their debut. The title track is “Anticipate,” a hybrid number which incorporates both analogue and electronic sounds. This addictive number is about a girl who wants to make a womanizer hers. There are a total of six new tracks in this album.

Heo Young Saeng 3rd mini-album – Life (March 14)

01 Life
02 Art of Seduction
03 That’s Me
04 Know It All
05 Art of Seduction INST

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Heo Young Saeng releases his third mini-album, “Life” after one year. The singer makes a 180 degree transformation to show fans a never-before-seen side of him. The title track is “Art of Seduction,” a retro dance number with funky rhythms. It is co-composed by the famous Sweetune and Kim Seung Su. The lyrics are witty and are about a guy who likes a girl but doesn’t know how she will respond.

U-Kiss Vol. 3 – Collage (released)

01 Step by Step (Intro)
02 Standing Still
03 Can’t Breathe
04 Missing You
05 Bad
06 Hurt More than Hurt
07 My Reason
08 Party All the Time
09 Sweety Girl
10 Because I Love You
11 Hurt More Than Hurt (Inst)
12 Standing Still (Inst)

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UKISS makes a comeback with their third album, “Collage,” after one year and six months. Through this album, listeners will be able to see each of the members’ respective charms. The title track is “Standing Still,” a progressive house track composed by Ryan S. Jhun. The song holds lyrics about a guy who can only look towards a girl who has already closed her heart’s doors. Another song worth mentioning is Kevin’s solo track, “My Reason.”

2Bic Vol. 1 – Back To Black (March 14)

01 Back to Black (Intro)
02 Bye Bye Love
03 Angel
04 Now Have This Kind of Person
05 Your Eyes Your Nose Your Lips
06 Did You Forget Everything
07 24 Hours Later
08 Love Again
09 Promise You
10 Lady Lady (Feat. 79)
11 If It’s Like Tonight (with Davichi)
12 Made Another Girl Cry
13 Promise You (Piano Ver.)

Skillful duo, 2Bic releases their first full-length album, “Back to Black,” after a year. The album holds thirteen songs with the title track being “Bye Bye Love.” It is an R&B number which showcase the group’s skills through ad-libs. The song is about a guy who tries to hold onto a lover.

Jung In mini-album Vol. 3 – That Lady (March 12)

01 Sheesh
02 Those Obvious Words
03 Don’t Say Those Words
04 Let’s Walk a Bit (feat. Gary)
05 OK?

Soul musician, Jung In releases her third mini-album in two years. The singer makes a comeback as a producer, making this album all the more anticipated. The album consists of five tracks which the singer sings about love and breakup. Listeners will be able to hear the singer’s powerful vocals through this album. The title track is “Those Obvious Words.”

Davichi (single) – Mystic Ballad, Part 1 (released)

01 Turtle
02 Turtle (Inst)

Davichi pre-releases medium-tempo ballad, “Turtle” in midst of a new album. It is a sad love story about a person who slowly tries to forget one’s lover. The duo is expected to make a comeback this spring.

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