Secret’s Jeon Hyo Sung’s Underwear Selling Power Is a Force to be Reckoned With

Korea’s favorite “Bagel Girl” Jeon Hyo Sung from Secret is really good at modeling underwear, and she has proof. As the main model for the underwear brand “Yes,” she has given the brand quite the boost in popularity and in profits. 

A representative of her agency, TS Entertainment, said on March 11, “According to ‘Yes’, since Jeon Hyo Sung became its main model in January, its products’ February sales has risen 40~50%. The products she models in pictorials sells six times more than other products. “

A representative of “Yes” also said in a statement, “The products that Jeon Hyo Sung modeled since January have had record sale numbers that are much higher than the other products. Because of the “Jeon Hyo Sung Effect” there is a 50% increase in consumer inquiries, and we expect our sales and revenue to increase even higher. Jeon Hyo Sung has improved the lovely imagine of ‘Yes,’ which naturally resulted in higher sales. We will continue to work with Jeon Hyo Sung to produce the underwear styles preferred by women in their 20s.” 

Jeon Hyo Sung and the other members of Secret are currently pursuing individual activities.