2AM’s Changmin Catches Jinwoon in the Backseat Passed Out

While on the road, idols never forget to have a little fun! Even if it is at the small expense of an unsuspecting group member.

On March 14, 2AM‘s Changmin took a photo of himself with the unsuspecting Jinwoon, who was knocked out in the backseat of the car from exhaustion. On his Twitter, he poked fun at the youngest member of 2AM with the caption, “One Spring Day…featuring sleepy 2AM’s Jung Jin Woon.” 

Fans laughed at Changmin’s mischievous play, as he grinned broadly for the camera while making sure he could tweet a clear shot of Jinwoon dozing in the back like a baby.

Netizens who saw the tweet commented, “Hilarious,” “What a prankster!” “2AM Fighting!” “Cute Jinwoon!” and “Maybe Jinwoon is all tuckered out from filming ‘We Got Married.'”

2AM also released their second album “One Spring Day” on March 5 and is busy with the promotions for the album.