Hip Hop Group Soul Dive Releases MV for “You’re My Song” Feat. Soulman

Luxury Hip Hop trio Soul Dive has released the full music video for “You’re My Song” featuring Soulman through the official CJ E&M Music Youtube channel.

“You’re My Song” is Soul Dive’s latest digital single that was released on March 13. The song is love confession to the woman who is like a song that he just wants to keeping singing all the time. The members of Soul Dive, Nuck, ZITO and DTheo, match their fresh raps with Soulman’s soft vocals.

The music video mostly follows the members of Soul Dive and a female actress and plays with effects that are similar to what we’ve seen in SHINee’s “Dream Girl.” The video is also a collaboration between Soul Dive and the headset company Jabra to celebrate the company’s 140 years in the business.

Soul Dive is currently working on their second full album.