Pictorial of 2NE1’s CL for “W Korea” Is Revealed

Recently on March 16, girl group 2NE1’s leader CL’s pictorial for the fashion magazine “W Korea” was released. The pictorial was titled “Keep Calm and Swag On,” which is a play on the famous British phrase “Keep Calm and Carry On” that was a message from King George VI to the public and appeared on the propaganda poster during World War II.  

In the pictures, which were taken in London, is CL wearing the Alexander McQueen’sMcQ” line of products. In the abstract and stylish outfits, CL shows off her naturally unique charms and charisma. With exceptional accessories and colorful backgrounds, CL looks gorgeous and futuristic in the photos.

Meanwhile, this pictorial can be found on the April issue of magazine “W Korea.”