“Running Man” Plays the Peppero Game

The “Running Man” cast drew laughter on its latest broadcast. On the episode of the popular SBS Sunday variety show aired on March 17, members of the “Running Man” cast paired up to play the Peppero Game.

The Peppero Game is when a couple munch on the opposite ends of a chocolate-covered snack shaped like a stick. The objective is to have as little of the snack left as possible.

In the “Running Man” version of the game, Lee Kwang Soo paired up with After School’s Uee, Kim Jong Kook coupled with singer Noh Sae Yeon, while both cast members Gary and Song Ji Hyo, known to fans as the “Monday Couple” formed their own duo. Screen captures of the game show how close the faces of the couples became in the course of the game. 

Viewers noted that while Kim Jong Kook showed a slight indifference in the other games but looked very determined to win this one.

Meanwhile, the episode featured guests Uee of After School and Noh Sae Yeon and Song Ji Hyo as princesses.