Se7en Snaps Photo with Teddy and Big Bang’s Taeyang

Can’t believe it’s almost time for Se7en to go!

On March 18, YG Entertainment posted a picture of Se7en on their official facebook page along with several other celebrities under the title “MYCLIQUE. Photo by G-DRAGON @xxxibgdrgn • Instagram”

Inside the picture, 2NE1’s former stylist Seungho, Big Bang’s Taeyang, YG’s hitmaker Teddy and Se7en posed for the camera. The photo can easily depict their possible emotions regarding Se7en’s temporary absence. Seungho looks angry that he’ll no longer be able to see Se7en frequently, Taeyang holds his hands together like he’s praying for Se7en’s safe return and Teddy is just chill, knowing Se7en will make a safe return.

Meanwhile, his military enlistment date is on March 19 and will head to Gyeonggido Province to be a part of Uijeongbu 306 Reserve. He will be on active duty for 21 months, which roughly marks December 2014 as his date back to society.