BTS Photo of Shin Se Kyung and Song Seung Hun for “When a Man Loves” Is Released

On March 19, a behind-the-scene photo from MBC’s upcoming new drama “When a Man Loves” was revealed.

In the picture is actress Shin Se Kyung and actor Song Seung Hun. Shin Se Kyung has an adorable thumbs-up pose , while Song Seung Hun is sitting beside the actress as he gazes at the camera. With beautiful smiles on their faces, both Shin Se Kyung and Song Seung Hun look gorgeous in this photo.

An official from the drama production stated, “This is the first time Shin Se Kyung and Song Seung Hun have come together in a drama, and so far they have shown amazing chemistry.”

Fans that saw this photo commented, “It doesn’t matter where they take the photo, when it includes Shin Se Kyung and Song Seung Hun, it automatically becomes a cut from professional pictorial,” “A macho man and a goddess.”

Meanwhile, “When a Man Loves” will air its first episode on April 3, 2013.