Hyun Bin Shows Style and Edge in First Photo Shoot Since Discharge through “Esquire”

It’s been a long time since we’ve met Hyun Bin through a photo shoot but here he is for a recent “Esquire” photo shoot for the first time in three months since his discharge from military service.

The public has been curious about Hyun Bin’s current whereabouts but to many people’s delights, he has shown his face and his stylish fashion through this pictorial.

On the cover of the magazine, Hyun Bin sports a modern blue suit with a trendy edge and a cool-guy smirk. Other revealed cuts show his diverse style including a bright red suit and a relaxed, natural look with a striped t-shirt.

Hyun Bin shared his thoughts on working on a pictorial for the first time in 2 years and said, “I’m curious myself as to how I have changed.” During the interview, he also shared his thoughts on his 2 years of living as Kim Tae Pyung in the Marine Corps.