Production for PSY’s Upcoming Concert Costs Nearly $3 Million USD

PSY will be hosting his solo concert “Happening” on April 13 at the World Cup Stadium in Seoul. While it is expected to gather nearly 50,000 people in the audience, the event will also be streamed worldwide through YouTube.

Since this is the largest scale concert PSY has ever done, he went all out with production costs and facilities. 

He prepared enormous LED screens and various special effects for every person in the audience could enjoy his dynamic movements and performances from every corner of the stadium. PSY is also working with Possible Productions, the visual contents team that worked with 2NE1 throughout their world tour, for all visual contents and effects. He also hired several special effects experts from the United States and Japan for unprecedented, exceptional components in the concert. As a result, the production cost of “Happening” is nearly 300 million Korean won (about 3 million USD).

Moreover, he will perform his new single during “Happening” for the first time. Since PSY is putting so much money and efforts in creating this blockbuster of concert, fans and experts’ anticipation of his new single and the performance of it is growing as well.