Girl’s Day Talks About Their No-Dating Rule

It is such a crying shame that these beautiful ladies are not allowed to date! Recently Girl’s Day spoke up about their no-dating policy that their agency has forced them to follow! Back in February, Minah appeared on MBC’s “Idol Star Track and Archery Competition.” There she won the high-jump contest and asked, “Hyeri is now over 20 years old, can’t we do something about our ‘no-dating’ policy?”

On March 18, the Girl’s Day members opened up about the touchy subject. They stated in an interview, “There is no mention about the time period for the no-dating policy or about what is or not allowed. We haven’t heard anything directly, we just know we are not allowed to date, period.”

They also mentioned their curfew, “We also have a curfew of 12am.”

Then the girls added, “Our agency doesn’t allow us to date but we don’t really have other problems. Our dormitory situation has become a lot better and now we don’t have any issues.”

Girl’s Day released their first official album “Expectation” on March 14. Currently they are busy promoting their new album! 

What are your thoughts on idol groups and their no-dating policies?