Celebrity Candid Moments in K-Pop This Week!

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Another week has passed in the world of K-Pop and our stars are so faithful keeping us up to date with their lives! From Girls’ Generation’s TaeFany’s airplane date to Se7en’s latest appearance in his military uniform, Shinhwa celebrating its 15th anniversary and BoA fitting inside a bag, lots of little bits of daily goodness are in store!

Flip through the gallery to see a few of many celebrities in the bizz sharing what’s on their mind… and who knows? Maybe you’ve learned something new about your favorite stars!


Cute Hara

On March 18, Kara’s Goo Hara posted on her Twitter, “Since the unnis uploaded photos, I will too. We are the selca trio. Haha. Right, Nicole. You should post a photo from that place.”


Bruised G.Na

On March 18, G.Na posted on her Twitter, “This picture is from the ‘Oops’ music video filming site and my knees don’t look good because it got bruised from practicing the choreography. My poor knees! ㅜㅜ But still, I’m happy that the music video came out beautifully.”

Victoria and Amber’s Lucky Lips

On March 19, f(x)’s Victoria posted on her Weibo, “Good luck!”

Fei’s Break Time

On March 19, miss A’s Fei posted on her Twitter, “Break time from dance practice. Please cheer us on~”

Tei Has Good Manners

On March 19, Tei posted on his Twitter, “Was it just me? Please say it aint so. Loyalty, it’s because I’m giving a greeting during my break. Left in the fall, but am giving a greeting in the spring. Ah, nice to meet you.”

Ricky’s Hip Daughter

On March 19, Ricky posted on his Twitter, “My little hip hop Taylor.”

G-Dragon Feels Good

On March 19, G-Dragon posted on his Twitter in English, “First rehearsal of the show! I feel good!”

Lizzy’s Present

On March 19, After School’s Lizzy posted on her Twitter, “Just performed at Sapporo and came off stage. Everyone’s doing well, right? This is a present.”

Shin Se Kyung Is Hot and Cold

On March 20, Shin Se Kyung posted on her me2day, “Guam was really hot, but Seoul is really cold.”

Marketing Assistant Taeyeon

On March 20, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon posted on her instagram, “Girls’ Generation’s best selection non-stop mix went on sale today. Thank you, m-flo’s Taku.”

YG’s Hip Leaders

On March 21, 2NE1’s CL posted on her instagram, “Charisma two-shot.”

Fin.K.L Mini-Reunion

On March 21, Ok Joo Hyun posted on her Twitter, “Birthday lunch! It’s like we coordinated our outfit colors. It’s because Fin.K.L is together. Happy birthday~ And I love you my friend Blue Lee Jin. From, Black Joohyun. Keke.”

Se7en’s Latest Appearance

On March 22, an online bulletin posted a photo of Se7en in his military uniform.

G-Dragon’s Scooter Date

On March 22, Big Bang’s G-Dragon posted on his Twitter, “Thank you for today too.”

Jung Ryeo Won in Venice

On March 22, Jung Ryeo Won posted on her Twitter in English, “Ciao from Venice.”

TaeFany Love

On March 23, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon posted on her instagram in English, “W ma Pink gangsta!” featuring member Tiffany.

Jessica Updates Her Profile Picture

On March 23, an online community forum posted several pictures of Girls’ Generation’s Jessica under the title “Jessica’s new UFO town profile.”

Humble Hyosung?

On March 23, Secret’s Jeon Hyosung posted on her Twitter, “Fine, I’m not so good at taking selcas. I coolly acknowledge. I ate a boiled egg when I felt like taking a selca.”

Jang Geun Suk Asks the Fans

On March 23, Jang Geun Suk posted on his Twitter, “Why doesn’t Team H add a concert in Kansai? Do you know?”

Jung Sisters on a Date

On March 24, f(x)’s Krystal posted on her me2day, “Ate delicious food.. to be continued.”

Tablo’s Sweet Time

On March 24, Tablo posted on his Twitter, “Akdong Musicians, Yedam, Epik High. Took a family portrait-like photo. Kids, thanks for the good memories! And second picture is taken with a ‘Dad, Where Are You Going?’ feel.” (author’s note: “Dad, Where Are You Going” is a reality variety show, which is currently very popular in Korea.)

Shinhwa Celebrates 15th Anniversary

On March 24, Shinhwa’s company updated their Twitter with the message, “Our birthday, we had our 15th anniversary party before the day passed! Please also congratulate lyricist Jo Sun Hee for being with us! Shinhwa’s eleventh album aja!”

Yoo Ah In Cheers on Ock Joo Hyun

On March 24, Yoo Ah In posted on his Twitter, “Ock Joo Hyun is the best.”

Fangirl Luna

On March 24, f(x)’s Luna posted on her Twitter, “I came back from cheering on the oppas at ‘Super Show 5’ this past weekend~ I got to see a variety of splendid performances from the result of their many years of experience. I’m amazed and so amazed! For some reason my heart has been touched by the performances… I think it’s because the fans love for the oppas has made my heart feel more emotional It was the best concert~”

A BoA in a Bag

On March 24, BoA posted on her Twitter, “Everyone~~~~ I’m sending me as a present.”

Park Shin Hye Just Relaxing

On March 24, Park Shin Hye posted on her Twitter, “From fan signing event to interviews, it was a great day. Thank you to the fans who spent the day with me. Shin Hye finished the night by looking out at the night view from Shangri-La hotel. The night view is really pretty.”

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