Yuri Prepares Herself for Arena Concert by Stretching in Backstage

On March 24, Japanese channel MBS aired documentary “Jounetsu Tairiku” about Girls’ Generation, their extravagant on-stage celebrity selves, and more down to earth, honest, and earnest behind-the-scene lives during their busy schedule between Korea and Japan. 

The documentary successfully garnered attention from dedicated Girls’ Generation fans with their detailed documentation of the group’s journey, especially of their preparation of the arena tour. Girls’ Generation is the first Korean girl group to go on the arena tour and are expecting to gather approximately 200,000 people in the audience. During their preparation for one of the live concerts, the camera captured Yuri stretching in the backstage. 

According to “Jounetsu Tairiku,” intense stretching is a part of Yuri’s daily life. Yuri is known for her athletic abilities among fans and have been voted as the best body by foreigners in the past, all thanks to her love for yoga and stretching. Yuri flaunted her flexibility and perfectly lean body in front of the camera with some stretching moves like bending her body forward and lifting her leg straight up above her head. 

“Jounetsu Tairiku” also documented members of Girls’ Generation diligently preparing for their Japanese arena tour and promoting recent Korean album “I Got a Boy.”