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Soompi was able to snag an exclusive interview with the lovely boys of 2AM and we think you’re in for a treat! They talked about what they see themselves doing ten years from now, Jokwon’s participation in “Harlem Shake,” how Changmin composes his songs and much more!

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Soompi: What do you see yourselves doing 10 years from now?

2AM: This year will be our 5th year anniversary. Wouldn’t 2AM still be together 10 years later like how we are right now? Of course we will have individual schedules and will probably be involved in more career fields. However, we want to meet with our fans as 2AM.

Soompi: If you haven’t become idols, what do you think you would be doing now?

2AM: Rather than not being idols, what would we have done if we didn’t become singers? All the members in 2AM really love music. Of course we tried other areas like acting, but it’s all because of music that other things were possible. If we didn’t become singers, wouldn’t we still work somewhere closely related to music?

Soompi: When we think of 2AM, we think of ballad. What else would you (2AM) like to be known for?

We like the fact that we’re acknowledged as a ballad group. We have our own distinctive colors and it’s easy to differentiate ourselves from our peers. Even though ballad is 2AM’s strength, each individual likes various genres. We will cover other genres when we release solo albums.

Soompi: You wrote the lyrics for one of the songs on the album. Tell us the working process. Did you write the lyrics first and someone came up with the melody or …?

Changmin: I still don’t know how to use composing software. Whenever I get an inspiration and think of a melody, I would record it on my cellphone. Afterwards, I would go to the company’s recording studio with in-house composers and engineers and let them hear. Then, we would get down to business. Sometimes, I would think of the melody first and other times it would be the lyrics. However, all the lyrics I write are very formal. I can’t write informal lyrics. I think it has to do with my personality.

Soompi: You’re currently in a musical with other idols. How was it training with other idols and how do you feel working with Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun?

Changmin: There’s a lot of peers who are also involved in this musical like Ye Eun, Junsu and Kyuhyun. That’s why I had more fun performing. I think I felt comfortable because we (Ye Eun and I) were around the same age.

Soompi: Heard you recently went to Europe for vacation. Which cities did you visit and what did you do?

Jokwon: I got to see Lyon, France and Geneva, Switzerland. It’s was a total healing vacation. I ate delicious food, went skiing and saw friends. I took the vacation in the beginning of 2013 so it felt like I was able to fully recharge for the year. Also, I fell in love with skiing through this trip and went to skiing resorts a few times with friends after I came back to Korea.

Soompi: We saw your “Harlem Shake” parody and loved it. How did you guys come up with the idea?

Jokwon: I filmed it with miss A’s Min, f(x)’s Amber and other friends. We all like doing quirky and fun things. “Harlem Shake” is something that’s not well known in Korea yet. It’s currently really popular abroad. It was so fun we wanted to try and Min personally rented out a studio. We passionately recorded the video and at the end we even broke the table there. ^^

Soompi: It looks like you lose a lot of weight when it’s time for fashion shoots. What is your diet/workout secret?

Seulong: I think that a photoshoot is like a promise. My pictures are being taken so I can show my good boy so I have to put in the effort. I don’t like starving to lose weight. I work out a lot and eat in portions.

Soompi: If you could act any character from any movie or drama, which character would you like to be?

Seulong: I’ve been noticing Ryan Gosling these days. He’s not the cookie-cutter handsome guy, but I like his aura and his stare. I want to be able to move the audience like him with just acting. Personally, I want to film in an action movie or one focusing on friendship.

Soompi: You got to try your hand in acting through “Dream High 2.” What do you think about it and do you want to continue pursuing acting as a career?

Jinwoon: I think that acting has as much charms as singing. If there’s an opportunity, I’d like to do more acting. I don’t have any plan on what kind of acting I want to try, but I think it will be better if it’s a role that is similar with my real self.

Soompi: On a recent program, you were tested by a computer program and it said you looked 16 years old. Why do you think the results came out like that? What’s your skincare routine?

Jinwoon: To be honest, I don’t really stress over my skin. When I have big skin problems, I visit a dermatologist. I wonder if it’s because I’m blessed with good genes.

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