2NE1’s CL Says She Has No Plans to Go Under the Knife

2NE1′s CL recently revealed in an interview with American fashion magazine “Elle” that although many have suggested plastic surgery to her, she has no plans to go under the knife.

On March 21, “Elle” introduced their readers to CL as 2NE1’s leader and one of K-Pop’s top stars. They also revealed that 2NE1’s music was a mixture of electronic, hip-hop, rap and R&B sounds as well as the fact that back in 2011, MTV Iggy had chosen 2NE1 as one of the best K-Pop groups. 

In her interview, CL shared, “I consider myself to be both CL and Chaerin. I have two personalities. On stage, I exhibit strong charisma of a femme fatale, but off stage I return to the Chaerin that all my friends family know.” 

She went on, “Before I debuted, I received a lot suggestions from others to try plastic surgery, but I refused. I don’t have any future plans to go under the knife either.”

In related news, 2NE1 along with Snoop Dogg and Dead End Movement will be performing together on May 4 in Seoul Olympic Park Soccer Stadium for “Adidas Originals: Unite All Originals Live With Snoop Dogg.”