FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki: “I Dreamed About International Marriage Once.”

The “global” version of MBC’s popular variety show, “We Got Married” held a press conference on March 28 with its stars, FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki and his pretend “wife,” Japanese actress Fujii Mina, and 2PM’s Taecyeon with his partner, Taiwanese idol, Wu Ying Jie.

During the press conference, Lee Hong Ki revealed he dreamed about international marriage once, wondering what it would be like. The singer was enthusiastic about the chance to experience what he only imagined through the new variety program, even though it is not a real marriage. He explained he would not have done this show if it was not about international marriages.

The singer discussed some of the challenges of an international marriage, saying, “I knew there were going to be cultural differences because I also promoted in Japan but there were still so many things I didn’t know.” Lee Hong Ki remained positive, however, stating, “It’s fun speaking in a mix of Korean and Japanese,” and “It’s going to be a good experience.

Lee Hong Ki also revealed his first impression of his partner, Fujii Mina, saying “I was surprised at first because she was so pretty.” Although the Japanese actress is two years older, Lee Hong Ki stated that he actually prefers older woman.

We Got Married- Global Edition” will premier Saturday, April 7 across 21 countries with a total run of 15 episodes. MBC will also release behind-the-scenes footage everyone Sunday after the broadcast on YouTube.