Choiza of Dynamic Duo Goes Solo with “There is None”

First it was Gaeko. Now it’s Choiza’s turn.

The other half of the popular hip-hop group, Dynamic Duo, will be releasing his solo single, “There is None,” on April 1. The release is part of Amoeba Culture’s special “vacation” project called “NOWorkend,” participated by all the agency’s artist, including Yankee, Giant, and Supreme Team.  The song was written, composed, and produced by Choiza himself and tells a story about a man who overcomes the fear of change after a breakup.

The rapper’s agency stated, “Choiza will be reaching out to the public with a side never before seen as part of Dynamic Duo.” They also added, “The single will be released on April Fool’s Day and the fans can expect a surprising change.”

The single will be released on various online music sites.