Jeon Ji Hyun Looks Beautiful for Reebok

Jeon Ji Hyun looks stunning in sportswear! Currently, she is the model for Reebok and in the recent advertisement cut she showed off her fit body. In one picture Jeon Ji Hyun is shown wearing Real Flex 2.0 shoes and stretching. In another picture she is wearing blue with different shoes, Sublight Duo Run.

So what is the secret behind Jeon Ji Hyun’s good looks? According to representatives, Jeon Ji Hyun works out 2-3 hours every day in order to maintain her health and impressive body.

So what is Jeon Ji Hyun up to now? Recently she appeared in the film “The Berlin File” that was a box office hit in South Korea. Also, Jeon Ji Hyun made a surprise appearance in “Master Chef Korea Celebrity,” for the episode broadcast on March 29.