Suzy Is Sweet as Sugar in New Commercial Stills

Would you buy the sugar that Suzy is selling?

miss A’s Suzy, otherwise known in Korea as the “Nation’s First Love” after her role in the movie “Introduction to Architecture,” has been chosen as the model for a Korean sugar brand.

In the commercial stills, Suzy wears a blue and white collar dress, looking fresh and clean. She appears to be the perfect person to conjure up images of the sweet and delectable pastries you can make with sugar.

Representatives of the brand stated that they chose Suzy because her bright and healthy image suits the product. The product reportedly is a healthier version of common sugar and Suzy was chosen to target consumers “who enjoy the sweet flavor but feel anxious about its health effects.”

Fans can see more of Suzy in the new drama “Gu Family Book” premiering next week on Monday, April 8.