Girls’ Generation’s Jessica Shares BTS Photos from “Beep Beep” Set

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica has joined Taeyeon in sharing behind-the-scenes photos from the set of their Japanese track “Beep Beep” music video.

In one set of photos released on Girls’ Generation’s official site, Jessica looks girlishly adorable wearing a pink plaid shirt matched with a kitty-ear hat. She looks happy playing around with a baby pink phone on the set.

 In another set of photos, Jessica fools around with the other Girls’ Generation members Sunny and Hyoyeon on the set, pointing at a giant-sized version of the pink phone, and playing telephone with fellow member Yoona.

With these photos, Jessica left a message for fans, writing, “[From. Jessica]. Please answer the phone. Hello? Sone? I miss you~! And I’m okay. Okay, okay. Alright, goodbye. Click! Beep~beep~beep~”