Davichi Clears Up Rumors and Explain They Have a Great Relationship with Each Other

Davichi has been continuously receiving great love as one of Korea’s most beloved female duos but unfortunately, there have been some rumors that Kang Min Kyung and Lee Haeri only have a “business relationship” and are not close to each other at all. However, the two artists recently shot those rumors down and proved that they are indeed very close.

Davichi was a guest on the episode of SBS’s “Challenge 1000 Songs” on April 7 when this topic was mentioned.

MC Lee Hwee Jae started off by saying, “There is a rumor that Davichi is a ‘business duo’ and that the two of you are not on good terms.”

Then Davichi answered, “We are actually really close and we share everything.” Kang Min Kyung continued to prove their closeness by saying, “I have nude photos of Haeri unni and other photos that cannot be released to the public,” and “If my phone is ever hacked into, Haeri unni will be in big trouble,” with a big laugh.

Netizens who caught this part of the episode commented, “That was the best explanation ever,” “I can’t believe they even share nude photos of each other,” and many more.