Seo In Guk Back Hugs Goo Hye Sun in Teaser for Upcoming Single “I Smiled and Then I Cried”

A couple of days ago, a picture of Seo In Guk and Goo Hye Sun together in a recording studio was released by Jellyfish Entertainment, leaving fans to speculate if there was going to be a collaboration between the two stars for Seo In Guk’s new single.

With the unveiling of the music video teaser for the song “I Smiled and Then I Cried,” the answer is yes. Goo Hye Sun is featured in the music video, which starts off with a climatic intro showing happy scenes of the actress and Seo In Guk together, followed by the singer angrily hitting a punching bag and shedding tears. With Goo Hye Sun and Seo In Guk looking so happy together in the beginning, fans are curious to know what happened between the couple to cause the sadness.

Watch the teaser for yourself:

“I Smiled and Then I Cried” will be released April 11.