A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji Received One-on-one Acting Counseling from Jo In Sung

For the April 9 episode of SBS’ talk show, “Hwashin,” A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji revealed that she received one-on-one acting counseling from “That Winter, the Wind Blows” co-star, Jo In Sung.

Jung Eun Ji said, “I think I distanced myself from Jo In Sung in the beginning because he was someone I grew up watching.” She added, “Since In Sung oppa is a top star, I thought it wouldn’t be easy to even just talk to him but he said hi to me first and talked to me. When I told him about my concerns with acting, he thought about it deeply and counseled me one-on-one.” Jung Eun Ji praised Jo In Sung, saying, “He is really a thoughtful man.”

Also on this day, Jung Eun Ji discussed her kiss scene in the drama with actor Kim Bum.