Moon Hee Jun Calls Eun Ji Won the “Lee Soo Man” of Variety Shows

In a press conference marking the premier of QTV’s new variety show, “Twentieth Century Pretty Boy,” Moon Hee Jun called Eun Ji Won the “Lee Soo Man” of variety shows.

The former H.O.T. member explained, “Even though Eun Ji Won was once the charismatic leader of Sech Kies, he is now a prominent figure in variety shows. Eun Ji Won is like Lee Soo Man to me in the variety industry.”

Lee Soo Man, the founder of SM Entertainment, is a special figure to Moon Hee Jun, as he created the idol group, H.O.T. It seems Moon Hee Jun likened Eun Ji Won to Lee Soo Man as a figure of respect and someone who led the way for Moon Hee Jun to follow.

Moon Hee Jun also confessed that day, “I looked upon Eun Ji Won like a sunflower because he was so charismatic during his Sech Kies days.” He also added that Eun Ji Won is his number one pick as a new H.O.T. member. To this, fellow H.O.T. member Tony Ahn responded, “I also thought Eun Ji Won was handsome. If Eun Ji Won becomes part of H.O.T., Moon Hee Jun will have to leave the group,” bringing laughter to the conference.

“Twentieth Century Pretty Boy” will take the form of a real-variety show featuring various members from the first generation K-Pop idol groups. The panel includes Moon Hee Jun and Tony Ahn of H.O.T., Eun Ji Won from Sech Kies, Danny Ahn from g.o.d., and Chun Myung Hoon from NRG. The show premiers April 16.