Jiyeon’s Teaser Image Revealed for T-ara Unit Group

The veil has slightly been lifted off the concept of T-ara’s first sub-unit group composed of members Eunjung, Hyomin, Areum, and Jiyeon.

On April 10, Core Content Media (hereafter “CCM”) released a teaser image of Jiyeon sporting a hip-hop look, along with the date of April 12 printed on top of a lipstick mark. It seems CCM will be revealing the unit group’s name and the album jacket image on that day.

The members are expected to showcase a new image from previous songs with unique styles for each member. Reportedly, Hyomin went to Japan on April 6 with other staff members to personally shop for the unit’s new look.

The unit’s title song will be called, “Countryside Diary,” and it will be a powerful and funky dance song with a hip-hop feel. The song is expected to appeal not to just a young audience but to fans of all ages. The song will be released May 1.