T-ara’s Unit Name and Hyomin Teaser Image Revealed

Core Content Media has finally revealed the name of T-ara’s first unit group. Jiyeon, Hyomin, Eunjung, and Areum will collectively be called “T-ara N4.” The name is the shortened version of “T-ara Brand New 4” and suggests that the four members will be showcasing a new image.

Also revealed was Hyomin’s teaser image. The concept for Hyomin’s picture is different from Jiyeon’s, which showed her in more of a hip-hop style. In her individual image, Hyomin looks sexy and feminine, while still maintaining a little bit of an edge with a spike studded top. The picture also has the tagline, “Would you mind waiting a bit longer? 4.15 am. 11:30,” directing to the date and time a new group image and teaser video will be released.

As reported before, Hyomin was personally involved in styling and forming the concept of the unit group and it was revealed today that Hyomin also participated in the album logo design.

T-ara N4 will be debuting with the song “Countryside Diaries,” which will hit online music sites May 1.